IEC | International Education Agency: Study in Europe, Ukraine and Russia

It’s important that international students receive some counseling before beginning their
journey abroad. We’ve helped students all over the world receive a prestigious education in the
best European educational establishments. Our company is able to recommend the best and
most unique options, with a wide range of different specialties and worldwide-recognized
programs for our clients. We provide the fastest application process possible, support students
before and after their move to a new country, and make foreign students feel as comfortable as
possible in their new country.

For more than 7 years now, the International Education Company has helped students find
the right educational fit for them in Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Russia.

Today, the International Education Company is a strong team of professionals, with excellent
partnerships with the best European universities, and our own representatives in many of the
cities we operate in.

We offer the following services:

Guidance regarding…..
➢ Your choice of degree program and university;
➢ The admission requirements of universities in various countries;
➢ Applying to universities;
➢ Getting the student the documents they need, including Visas and invitation letters;
➢ The best health insurance;
➢ Invitation letters and visas for relatives wishing to visit their student;
➢ Translation and notification services for all educational documentation;
➢ Financial aid (JPA, EPFM State Gov. Loans and Local Banks);
➢ Pre-departure preparation;
➢ Various day to day issues;

As well as:
➢ A 24/7 call-center;
➢ Immediate greeting at, and free transportation for the student from the airport;
➢ Hostel accommodations for students at the lowest rate possible;
Today, our company operates in various countries, such as India, Malaysia, China, Egypt,
Thailand, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Vietnam, and others. All of our services
are also incredibly affordable and of the highest quality.

Why choose us:
We are a well developed educational consultancy center, with more than 7 years of experience
behind us;

We are the official representatives of more than 21 leading universities around the globe, and
have sent hundreds of our students to some of the best universities available around the world;

We have partners and consultants in many European countries;
We provide the highest quality of services;

For those that are interested in the future – the International Education Company is
committed to helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

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