Our company understands the importance of a higher education, and has made it our mission to protect your child’s academics, and therefore, their future. We know that attending a new university can be a stressful experience, and that grades can occasionally slip- but don’t worry, IEC provides assistance even in these situations. If your student’s grades begin to slip, or they fall behind in class, they still have time to catch up, and they will, with our help.

Finding your own resources may be difficult in a foreign country, especially if the language there is unknown to you, therefore, ​we provide the following services ​on


of the student…

➢  We can help the student find a tutor locally (or at their university), should they need one;

➢  To help in studying for exams, we are also willing to send the appropriate study materials to your student;

➢  In a circumstance where your child finds themselves unprepared for an exam, we will contact the university on their behalf, to request a retake at a later time;

➢  Before departure, we also provide students with an array of universities, and plenty of information regarding their education, facilities, and the degrees they offer- (this information can be found either on our site, or by directly contacting us with your question);

➢  In addition, we can also provide guidance regarding your child’s direction of study, or answer questions about the education system in their destination country.

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