Eventually, your student may decide that building a career or simply seeking employment in Europe may be beneficial. It’s true, there are many advantages to working in europe, including higher pay, more opportunities for advancement, larger companies, a bigger choice of employment, etc… So, if this is something that your family is considering, IEC is a good place to start. Our company is very supportive of students’ careers, and more than willing to help in any way we can.

Below, is a little bit of what this process would look like, should your family decide to act on this opportunity :

  • ➢  Starting their second year, we’ll be able to work with your child to find them a summer job or internship that will give them some work experience in the field they’re interested in.
  • ➢  As their education continues, they will gradually adjust to work life in Europe, perfect their new language, and connect with colleagues in their field.
  • ➢  This period of time will also allow them to fully gauge their feelings, and weigh future possibilities, coming to a definitive decision about career and where they want to start their life.
  • ➢  Upon completion of their university studies, armed with their education, degree, and experience, your student will have no problem obtaining the job of their choice, and continuing their career as a full grown adult. Remember, you don’t need to make an immediate decision, your family can dwell on your options while your child is attending university, and experiencing Europe first hand. *If you’d like to hear more about specific career opportunities in Europe, or have any questions, feel free to contact us via our website.

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