Ukraine is the second largest country in the European continent situated in Eastern Europe with its capital city being Kiev which is also the largest city. Quality education at an affordable cost has put Ukraine at the top of the list of popular student destinations.


  • Being declared as a Republic country, Ukraine is made up of a total of 24 provinces.
  • It enjoys a temperate climate characterized by mild summers and extremely cool winters.
  • It has a well-developed industry sector with special importance to space exploration allowing the country the pride of its space agency, the National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU).
  • Tourism and nuclear power forms the heart of the country along with a high percentage of other resources such as coal, natural gas, etc.
  • The mode of transport is concentrated majorly on Railways which connects the various cities of the country. While not the best regarding comfort, they are relatively cheap, will allow you to travel the entire country with ease.
  • The official language is Ukrainian although Russian is used the most by the local population.
  • The predominant religion is Christianity with few Muslims and Jews. The official currency is Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH).
  • Cultural diversity is rich here with a mixture of ethnicity including Russians and Romanians.


  • Affordable quality education offering degrees recognized worldwide.
  • Personal development and a broad perspective due to rich cultural diversity.
  • English-taught courses.
  • Ample job opportunities complemented by high standards of living.
  • International Class Faculty who give more importance to the practical side of teaching.
  • Ease of admissions and excellent transport facilities within the country.



  • It is the top-most prestigious public university in Ukraine known for its research facilities and the largest number of academic programs.
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees are offered in various fields of education such as Science, Technology, and Literature.
  • This University offers highly skilled Faculty to impart practical based education to the students.
  • Students are provided with abundant opportunities through the University’s exchange programs and tie-ups with reputed research institutes.


  • It is a top notch public university in Ukraine well reputed in the fields of Management, Technology, and Economics.
  • Students are offered specializations in several fields at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.
  • Up to date research facilities and good faculty add more value to the education meted out by the University.


  • It is the oldest public university in Ukraine with its reputation still highly ranked.
  • Students are offered degrees in various fields of Science, Journalism, and Technology at all levels.
  • The student population is diverse and excellently guided by expert faculty members.
  • The various research divisions such as the Institute of Archaeology and Institute for Historical Research encourage students towards a complete and fulfilling education.


  • It is the first technical university in Ukraine, one which still stands strong among the present top universities.
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees can be pursued here in various fields of Science, Technology, and Engineering.
  • Only the best Faculty members have been put together in this University to train students in their various fields of interest.
  • Students are provided with the exposure required for a fulfilling education experience through the University’s tie-ups with various Universities and research organizations all over Europe.

Ukraine offers international education with a European flavor making it an ideal destination for students who want to pursue their studies abroad.

The Best Institutions You Can Study in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the best places to go when you are considering going abroad for higher education. No matter what degree you plan to pursue, Universities in Ukraine have it all! We bring you a list of the best engineering, medical and MBA colleges in the country to help you choose the very best for your future.


Here is a look at the top medical institutions you can study from in Ukraine.

Zaporozhye State Medical University

With more than 6000 students, it is one the oldest and most reputed medical universities. It offers the following courses for international students
General Medicine-MD (6-year course)
Pediatrics-MD (6-year course)
Dentistry-MD (5-year course)
Pharmacy-Masters (5-year course)
Technology of Perfume-Cosmetic Preparations (5-year course)

To enroll, you have to fill up their online form at their official website and wait till you get an invitation letter.

Documents required for admission:
Invitation letter
Graduation certificate
Original copy of educational documents – notarized and translated into Ukranian or Russian
Birth certificate
Medical certificate
HIV/AIDS-negative certificate

Including tuition, hostel, and miscellaneous costs, you need to have at least $29600 with you.

Odessa National Medical University

It is one of the leading medical institutions, offering medical courses in

Admission applications are open from 1st July to 1st October every year.

For undergraduates: Minimum 50% marks in Biology, Physics and Chemistry For postgraduates: You must be a medical graduate and having one year internship in a medical institution recognized by your country’s Medical council.

Fill up the online application form at their website and submit it along with attested photocopies of documents – the list of which you can find at their site.

You need at least $3300 for admission procedures. Course fees, including hostel and other expenses, will be $5500 in the first year and $4600 in subsequent years.


You could even get yourself an admission into some of the top MBA institutions there, which are ranked worldwide.

International Management Institute – MIM KYIV

It is one of Ukraine’s premium business schools

Higher education
At least two years of work experience
Basic knowledge of English

PROCEDURE: Fill out an application and information request at their website and send an e-mail request letter to which should contain your first and second name, education, and field of current employment, current position, and the source you get the information about MIM-Kyiv from. If your application is accepted, there will be selection tests and interviews conducted. A list of documents you need to have for admission can be found here.

Course fee is generally around $20000.

KYIV Mohyla Business School

The eligibility criterion depends on the field of MBA you want to pursue. During admission, you will need to submit an application form, write an essay, pass a test in English language and pass an interview. You also need to have documents similar to those of the other universities. 
Course fees are generally around $15560, depending on the type of course you wish to pursue.


Looking to go the engineering way? Here is a look at some of the top engineering institutions that you can study in Ukraine.

Khmelnitskyy National University

It offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in engineering in multiple branches

You can apply for application through their online form Make sure you have all the required documents. These documents are the same as all other universities. Final selection is done based on entrance tests and academic scores and grades.

Tuition fees for both undergraduate and postgraduate students range from $1000-$2500 per year. B) I. I. Mechnikov Odessa National University This university was founded in 1865 and is one of the oldest universities of Ukraine

You need to apply online, and send them required documents to get an invitation letter from them You will also need to complete interview questions they provide to be selected. You can find their admission rules and required list of documents here

For all preparatory documents, you will need around $1200. Tuition fees will be around $2000 per year if you plan on doing a full-time course. Part-time courses are available for some disciplines, and they will be around $1760 per year. Of course, these are not the only institutions to choose from. There are multiple other standard universities, and you should make your decision with care, depending on what your needs are.

Ukraine: Student visa

Studying in Ukraine at the graduate or post-graduate level is one of the best ways to hone your skills. We discussed how good Ukraine is as a study destination in our last article. Now, we will take a look at all that you need to do, to be well-versed with the procedures of applying for courses. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind to make sure that going to Ukraine as an international student is effortless.


Universities in Ukraine offer a lot of courses, so take the time to look carefully and find out which course you are exactly looking for. Next, find out the University which is best for your course. Search university lists, verify requirements of various Universities and clarify any doubts you have. Once you are sure about your course and the university you are going to apply to, you can apply for admission there.


First, to get an invitation letter, you need to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the specific course you are applying for.

For undergraduate students, you need to have at least five credit passes in all subjects which are directly related to your course. If you are a postgraduate student, you should have your graduate certificate with you.

So, you have fulfilled the eligibility criteria; you need to provide the university in question with information through e-mail. You need to fill out an application which will contain details such as your name, citizenship, date of birth, place of birth, sex, date of issue and expiry of your passport, permanent address, phone number and e-mail address. You should also include a copy of your passport and educational certificate.

After all your information is processed, you will be given an invitation letter which will be a major document for getting a student visa for Ukraine.

This invitation letter will contain your name, passport number, date of birth as well as the course name and university name to which you have applied. Once you get the invitation letter, you should apply for a visa


As already mentioned, getting an invitation letter is an absolute necessity to apply for a visa. If you live in a country whose citizens do not require VISA to travel to Ukraine, then you can skip this step. Just make sure that you arrive on time with all the necessary documents.

However, if you live in a country where you require a VISA to travel to Ukraine, you should apply for a long term VISA well beforehand by contacting the Ukrainian embassy in your country. Most embassies accept and issue visas between 15th July and 15th November. When you apply for visa, you may have to answer a few questions regarding your course and the duration of your course, your reasons for choosing the university you did, whether you decide to stay on in Ukraine after completing your studies and whether you have adequate arrangements to cover tuition cost, accommodation, etc.

You must have the following documents while applying for VISA:

  • Your original invitation letter
  • Original education certificate – legalized by your country Education Ministry
  • Original birth certificate
  • Original health certificate – which should be approved by the health ministry of your country and should be issued within a month of your VISA application.
  • Original HIV-AIDS negative certificate – which also has one-month validity.
  • Passport sized photos (at least 12)
  • Bank statement – as proof that you can handle financial costs. You would need to have at least a $3000 bank balance for you to successfully apply for a visa.

Your VISA application takes a minimum of one month to be processed.


After you get your VISA and have fixed your arrival date and time, be sure to inform the same to your university. Also, give them details of your flight. This is a necessary step. If you need someone to meet you, or someone you know is reaching you, you need to mention this to the University as well, as they will need to arrange accordingly. The University will send these details to border control before your arrival. After you arrive, you may have to give an interview during border control procedures so that officers can verify your authenticity. If you follow the above steps, you will easily be ready for going abroad to study in Ukraine. Remember to prepare well and have all required documents with you.

Life as an International Student in Ukraine

Going to a new country to can be exciting. A new future and new opportunities await you. However, there must be a lot of anxiety as well. Different questions, not only about education but also about life abroad, expenses and experiences will be there in your mind.

If you are planning to study in Ukraine, we can help you get an idea of how life will be there and what sort of expenses you can expect during your course of stay. This will tell you just how you would be spending your time down there, and what you can expect.

International Student Numbers in Ukraine:

Ukraine prides itself in having Europe’s largest international student population, will nearly 60,000 students. This speaks a lot about the standard of education Ukraine provides.

Life as a student inside institutions:

Inside the academic institutions, life is similar to what any other student in any organization experiences a life consisting of lecture, assignments, laboratory work. There is also a good amount of interactions with teachers and the other students. International students will not find any difficulty adjusting to the student life. Everyone there is very helpful. You get a chance to learn the local language in your very first year of studies, which will be a boon to you.

However, there is one criterion you need to remember. Most universities in Ukraine follow a strict 100% attendance requirement or require you to pass compensating classes in case you miss any lectures. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to sit for exams.

The environment will be multicultural, with students coming from all over the world. You will be exposed to quite a lot of diversity and different minds, which will help you in the long run.

This is one of the biggest concerns, but there is no need to worry. Ukraine is very safe for international students. Adequate safety measures are taken, right from the time of your entry into the country and lasting through the time of your stay there. Best cities for studying with no safety concerns are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and Lviv. With the Official Ukrainian Admission Center, education for international students has become very safe.

This is another factor you need to consider. The good news is that studying in Ukraine is considerably cheaper than that in the other European countries.

Living expenses:

Apart from tuition fees, you would need to have $1000-$1300 to cover your living expenses per year. This is going to be pretty cheap compared to other study destinations across Europe or U.S. The most likely probability is that you will live in the college campus itself in student hostels, so you can look up the hostel fees at your respective university to determine your exact living expenses.

You will get most books required for your course at your university library, so you need not worry about spending money on them. Papers, pens, and pencils are very cheap (1000 rough papers cost a mere $2).

Good quality jeans can cost anywhere from $20- $40, shirts and t-shirts can be bought at $5-$15. You could buy in as many of them as you wish, as they are surely not going to pinch your pocket here.

So, food is cheap here, and if you aren’t going to cook at your hotel room, you can even eat out. Fast food restaurants may charge you around $4-$7, if you’d rather cook on your own, you can buy fruits and vegetables at $1-$3 per kilo. Overall, a monthly budget of $200-$400 dollars should be enough to cover your daily expenses. Expenses might be a little high in your first month when you will need to buy necessary things, but cost of living in generally quite affordable.

Travel and entertainment:
As a student, most of your time will go in studies. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in your free time. There are plenty of bars, theaters, shopping malls and nightclubs across the country. You can travel the country and learn more about its culture and traditions. You get a Travel Pass card at $5 per month for traveling in trains and buses in the cities. You will also get a 40% student discount on tickets if you are planning to tour the whole country

You can travel to other countries during the summer and winter vacations after you get your International Student Card (immediately after admission). You also get a 30% discount on flight tickets. Life as a student in Ukraine is affordable, fun and filled with learning opportunities. Utilize your time there to the fullest.

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