City: Krasnodar
Founded in: 1920
Status: Public University
Programs: full-time, part-time
Language of study: Russian, English
Academic degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D
Student body: 29,000
International students: over 2,100
Academic staff: 1,669
Professors and doctors: 1,229

Kuban State University is one of the largest scientific and educational centers in southern
Russia. Founded in 1920, it has a history spanning over 95 years. This academic institute is
founded on classical education, and has been recognized many times for it’s achievements. The
University is committed to developing as a community-oriented institution, creating the ideal
conditions for students’ to develop in all spheres – science, education, arts, sports, social, etc…

What We Can Offer You…
The University consists of 17 faculties, with postgraduate training programs (60 specialities),
higher doctorates (19 specialities), 10 research institutes, an Institute of Testing Technology and
General Further Education, and the Professional Retraining and Advanced Training Institute.

What Makes Kuban State University Special…
Our university implements a “double diploma” project: students within our department of
Economics are able to obtain certificates of education that are recognized in not only Russia, but
also Germany and the Czech Republic. This ensures that our education is not only of the highest
quality, but also gives you the freedom to take it anywhere you want to start your life.
Kuban State University utilizes an award winning strategic development program, which the
university has been implementing for three years now. Furthermore, KubSU’s student
associations have won many competitions and continue to grow yearly, contributing to student
life and academic success. On an individual level as well, many of our students and graduates
have gone on to win regional, as well as international recognition.

About Our Research…
Effective integration of research within the educational process is a prominent characteristic of
KubSU. The research carried out by KubSU students and faculty stays relevant to current issues
domestically, as well as abroad, and continues to further students’ careers. Our students are
given every opportunity to train and gain practical experience researching abroad as well. Kuban
university also cooperates with many international organizations, and has been recognized
through numerous awards given to KubSU for scientific developments and excellent
performance in national exhibitions.

Below are some figures regarding our university:

➢ We cooperate with many international educational organizations, including more than 65
foreign universities (in USA, Germany, England, France, Japan, China, Korea, Greece,
Turkey, etc…);
➢ More than 340 students hold major scholarships (granted by the President, the
Government of the Russian Federation, the Administration of Krasnodar Territory, and
by other charity funds and organizations);
➢ Yearly revenues from research and innovation – more than 260 million roubles;
➢ Kuban State University is the only university in the Krasnodar Territory recognized as
one of 40 best universities in Russia, and according to the results of the National
rankings, KubSU is now the second best university in the South of Russia;
➢ Kuban State University is listed among the top 50 best universities according to the
rankings compiled by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation.

Some More Info About Us…
-KubSU is the only institution of higher education in the Russian Federation that has been
elected a member of the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology – IRIS (USA). The
University possesses modern and unique research equipment, such as a complex of heavy
vibro-seismic installations TV-100.
-Its rating as a research and higher education institution is of high repute. The University has
won all types of international grants. Both domestic, and foreign students studying at KubSU are
involved in carrying out research within the framework of international grants. KubSU has
numerous scientific and educational contacts with the Russian Academy of Science. It gives the
University an opportunity to invite the most prominent Russian and foreign scientists to lecture
and cooperate with the university’s academics on joint research projects.
-Kuban State University has a history of close and beneficial partnerships with universities and
colleges from the US and Great Britain. As a result, their students continue to choose Kuban
State University as their destination for study abroad year after year, further enriching the
university’s culture. One of the exchange programs that KubSU participates in is the Associated
Colleges of the Midwest and Great Lakes (USA), which has united 28 colleges and 2 universities
for more than 13 years now; Due to the geographical location of our university (Krasnodar
Territory- interior southern Russia) Kuban State University gives foreign students a chance to
study the history, culture, life, and customs of different nations in the Northern Caucasus.
-KubSU offers it’s students the chance to rest up in comfortable holiday homes at the coast of
the Black Sea, and recuperate from the academic year.
-Students who don’t speak Russian at all are also very much welcome at KubSU. We offer many
intensive Russian language courses, of various durations, that are more than capable of
preparing international students for daily life (and studies), in Russia. KubSU is currently one of
the leading universities in country in regard to the methodology of teaching Russian.
-Another benefit of Kuban State University is the chance to to be education in English. For the
foreign students who do not speak Russian, the University provides courses in computational
mechanics, solid mechanics, applied mathematics, seismology, economics, history, and a
number of others in English. These are taught either by English speaking instructors and
lecturers, or by means of simultaneous interpreting offered by the Translation Department.
All of the educational and research programs, as well other university activities, are carried out
without any kind of discrimination: whether it be sex, race, religion, nationality, age, sexual
orientation, or disability

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