City: Moscow
Founded in: 1960
Status: Public University
Programs: full-time, part-time
Language of study: Russian, English
Academic degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D
Student body: 30,000
International students: 7,500
Academic staff: 2,810
Professors and doctors: 918

RUDN University dates back to 1960, when it was first founded by the USSR Government. The
University was originally named after Patrice Lumumba — a symbol of the African peoples’ fight
for independence. It was later on renamed the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia to
recognize the university’s values. Students and academics at this university are free to pursue
their learning, teaching, and research without being subject to political pressures, and under
firm principles of friendship and mutual support.

● Multi-nationality and international cooperation.
● Faculty, researchers, students, and alumni’s contribution to the world outside.
● Diverse approaches to education and research.
● Equal opportunities for all.
● Commitment to studies, research and community activities.

Why Choose Us…
RUDN University is one of the top universities in Russia, as ranked by the Times Higher
Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, and Round University
Rankings. We are among the leading institutes of education in regard to “International
students”, “Student-to-staff ratio”, and environmental consciousness. RUDN is also the first
university in Russia to get 5 QS stars in 5 ranking categories.

At RUDN University You Can…
Choose the profession you’ve always dreamed of. RUDN University offers many specializations
e.g. technical, scientific, medical, economic, humanities. At RUDN University, an ambitious
student is given all of the opportunities needed to become a theoretically and practically
advanced specialist.

20 of our teaching blocks, and 13 of our dormitories are located on Mikluho-Maklaya Street.
More than 8000 students and PhD candidates live in comfortable rooms or apartments with
every convenience — a bathroom, equipped kitchen, Internet, satellite TV, etc… There is a
laundry room and ironing table as well as a study hall in every building. Fire protection and
twenty-four-hour video monitoring systems ensure students’ safety. All of these buildings are in
very close proximity of each other, ensuring that student life is convenient and comfortable.

The campus provides plenty of comforts for the students: stores, a bank branch, barbershop,
dry-cleaner, parking lots, and a car service centre. After classes, students can relax in various
cafes and restaurants, enjoying authentic cuisines from all over — African, Arab, Indian,
Russian, Chinese, Georgian. The great fountain at the center square of the University is
considered the “heart” of campus.

Degree Programs:

  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Agricultural Science
  • Agronomy
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Dental Medicine
  • Ecology and nature management
  • Energy and resource-saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and
  • Biotechnology
  • Historical Sciences and Archeology
  • Hotel Business
  • Linguistics and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Technique and Technology of Construction
  • Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise

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