Although our students’ education and experience while abroad is of extreme importance to us, their safety is even more so. If you’re a parent of an international student, or your child is considering studying abroad, please rest assured, our company will be there to take care of your child. We are prepared for all types of occasions and incidents, and are committed to guiding your child throughout their experience in another country.

As stated on our “About Us” page, we will help your family choose a health insurance, as well as advise your family regarding local clinics and health institutions.

Most importantly, we provide 24 hour assistance-​ meaning, your child can contact us for help any time, whether it be day or night, and we will answer any questions they may have. Should the need arise, we can even send in person help, via one of our staff or volunteers.

How traveling with our company can help ensure your child’s safety….

  • ➢  Our company’s call line provides the on location help that your child may need when they are traveling abroad by themselves;
  • ➢  Our staff will greet, and provide your child immediate transportation to their destination once they arrive;
  • ➢  You, and any other family members can visit your student at their new university, since our company offers assistance regarding visas for visiting family as well;
  • ➢  Our company makes sure your child has all of the documents they need from day one;
  • ➢  Our universities have all been vetted by our staff, and are excellent choices for your child;
  • ➢  IEC has many experts on their staff, and can provide information regarding various universities and countries, both pre, and post departure.

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