City: Rostov-on-Don
Founded in: 1915
Status: Public University
Programs: full-time, part-time
Language of study: Russian, English
Academic degrees: Undergraduate, Graduate
Student body: 33,125
International students: over 2,700
Professors: 2,951
Doctors: 394

SFedU is a highly ranked university, with a multitude of diverse opportunities for both
undergraduate and graduate students alike. The university utilizes it’s excellent faculty and
well-developed network of universities to provide students with every possible advantage in
their education and careers.

What Our University Offers Its Students…

  • Integration of research into education; with a winning combination of fundamental and
    applied research; highly reputed schools of thought; an open-minded and creative teaching staff;
    up-to-date research facilities and appliances; collaboration with the Russian Academy of
    Sciences, as well as other international research facilities.
  • An extensive infrastructure for efficient professional and research training.
  • A diverse and flexible set of study programs for students to choose from. We offer Bachelor’s,
    Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in a wide range of sciences and humanities: history, philosophy,
    art, economics, law, psychology, mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, computer science,
  • Cutting-edge research facilities that provide plenty of opportunities for students to explore
    their field of studies. Award-winning researchers holding over 150 international patents work
    and teach at SFedU. Our university’s researchers strive to exchange experience with foreign
    colleagues and frequently visit international conferences.
  • A well-established university, who’s history and traditions date back to 1915, and is now well
    respected in the global community. SFedU is well known for its’ students, staff, and alumni,
    many of whom have gone on to achieve great things in their careers, and received internationally
    recognized awards; including- Nobel Prize winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
  • The strength of our globally recognized reputation. SFedU strives to make sure that all of the
    university’s study program are kept in line with international standards and the principles of the
    Bologna Declaration. 28 of our programs have undergone international accreditation. SFedU
    also maintains partnerships with numerous highly-reputed universities and research centers
    worldwide. While fostering diversity within our student body, we also welcome exchange and
    cooperation with foreign educational institutes.

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