City: Warsaw
Founded in: ​1816
Status: Public
Programs: full-time, part-time Language of study: Polish, English Academic degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Student body: 45,500
Students pursuing Doctoral degrees: 3,000 International students: 9.500
Staff: 7,300

When it was established in the early 1800s, the University of Warsaw had 5 faculties. Today, this figure has increased to 21. In 2016 the Department of Journalism and Political Science divided into two units – the Department of Journalism, Information and Book Studies and the Department of Political Science and International Studies. The largest faculties – the Department of Management, the Department of Law and Administration – have around 5,000 students each. The smallest one, educating approximately 200 students annually, is the Department of Liberal Arts (Artes Liberales).

Our Departments:

➢  Department of ​Applied Linguistics
➢  Department of ​Applied Social
Sciences and Resocialization
➢  Department of “Artes Liberales”
➢  Department of Biology
➢  Department of Chemistry
➢  Department of Economic Sciences
➢  Department of Education
➢  Department of Geography and
Regional Studies
➢  Department of History
➢  Department of Journalism,
Information and Book Studies
➢  Department of Law and Administration
➢  Department of Management
➢  Department of Mathematics,
Informatics and Mechanics
➢  Department of Modern Languages
➢  Department of Oriental Studies
➢  Department of Philosophy and
➢  Department of Physics
➢  Department of Polish Studies
➢  Department of Political Science and
International Studies
➢  Department of Psychology

Foreign language studies:
At our university, you can learn any one of the ​41​ foreign languages that our university teaches.

Our University’s System of Language Provision was awarded the European Language Label by the European Union – a European mark of innovative approach in language teaching and learning.

If you are interested in learning a language at the University of Warsaw, read more about it:

Centre for Foreign Language Teaching School of Eastern Languages
Open University
Language certificate

At the University of Warsaw you may take an exam to receive the ​Language Proficiency Certificate​ (applies to 35 languages). This document will confirm proficiency of any given language in speech and writing at one of the levels defined by the Council of Europe. This document may serve as proof of language proficiency when applying to universities, for an internship, or future job.

Polish language courses-

Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners “Polonicum”​ is the oldest centre in Poland for teaching Polish as a foreign language. The Centre extends its offer to those who are interested in learning more about our language and country – students, as well as those unrelated to the university who wish to pursue Polish.

Apart from typical language classes, lecturers focus on teaching students a practical Polish, so that they are able to truly utilize their knowledge, even many years after graduating. Students participate in film screenings, multimedia programs acquainting them with Polish history and culture, as well as workshops.

Some facts about our university:

  • ●  The UW encompasses​ 21 faculties​ and over 3​ 0 research units​.
  • ●  The University’s scholars study over 3,500 research topics per year.
  • ●  The UW cooperates with over 800 foreign entities, and is a member of approximately 100 international associations and networks.
  • ●  The UW offers 26 English-language programmes. Furthermore, out of the Polish-language programs, approximately 2,000 courses are also taught in foreign languages. Student Competitions: Our university encourages student participation in ​Interstudent ​- an annual competition that’s main goal is to reward social, ecological, scientific, and athletic activity among international students in Poland. The competition’s Jury Board will select the best foreign students among those studying at Polish universities, for the categories of undergraduate and graduate. The winners of the competition are given the titles of “ambassadors” of our country, and of our University. Warsaw University has a history of excellent performance in this competition and we wish for the best of luck to our students this year as well!

Candidates’ applications may be submitted by their professors, mentors, university authorities, foreign cooperation offices, or student governments, on ​this​ website by December 14.

The INTERSTUDENT competition partners with the The Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland, Student Parliament of the Republic of Poland, and the National Representation of PhD Students (KRD).

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