If you’re looking for a more affordable destination for study abroad, then Poland is likely to be a
good option for you. Although far cheaper to study in than most other european countries, it still
boasts an impressive and population of over 37 million people, and has a fascinating history. It’s
recent growth and development have also made it a prime location for study abroad, especially
for students interested in studying in Central Europe.
Lower Tuition and Cost of Living…
Poland’s university’s have far lower tuition rates than most other european countries, and are
therefore a smarter and more affordable choice for many international students. The cost of
living is extremely low as well, being almost 45% lower than that of the US. That’s almost half
the cost! An average meal for one person costs about $5.23 in Poland. Public transportation is
fairly cheap as well, costing about $0.84 for a one way ticket. That means that students are able
to fully explore the many sights in Poland on a daily basis.
Recent Growth in Education…
Poland has been refining its education system since its beginning- in the Middle ages. Jagiellon
University, for example, has been around since the 14th century, and today is one of the oldest
universities in Europe. Recently, more and more courses are being taught in English as well
(over 400), making the country a good choice for international students that have yet to perfect
their Polish language skills. One of the country’s most famous universities, Warsaw University,
has been ranked first in the Top Coder international IT ranking, outranking many
well-respected American universities, and proving that a high quality education does not have to
be expensive. In the last 10 years,the number of universities in Poland has quadrupled, and the
number of students increased fivefold. You can find all manners of degrees in Poland, from
medicine and engineering, to humanities or finance. And not only will you receive a quality
education in the field that you are pursuing, but you are very likely to leave the country fluent in
another language- Polish!
Fascinating World War II History…
In 1939, Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany, and their capital, Warsaw, suffered heavy
bombings. Back then, a large part of the Polish population was Jewish, and many were herded
into the so called “Ghetto of Warsaw”, later transported to concentration camps. Although
horrible, the country’s complex history is now part of it’s very beauty, and a great place to visit
and learn about World War II history.
The Capital of Poland: Warsaw
As stated previously, Poland is a very affordable location for a study abroad, and it’s capital,
Warsaw is no exception. With a population of over 1.7 million people, it’s not a place that you
will ever find boring, and the possibilities are almost endless. This city is also the heaviest in
history and sights in the country, and is home to the University of Warsaw, making it a perfect
destination for study abroad.
Our Company’s Role…
Our company is partnered with a number of universities from various parts of this country, and
we offer our assistance to any students interested in studying abroad in Poland. We are on-call
24/7 should any of our students need assistance, including but not limited to general help, as
well as academic issues. A full list of our services can be found on our “About Us” page.

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