Ukraine is a beautiful country with a rich history and great opportunities for students looking to
study there. Being surrounded by countries such as Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Romania,
as well as two seas, have made the country both unique and rich in history. Some of the most
popular sights include the Priest’s Grotto, the Underwater Museum, and the Motherland
Monument- all of which show the country’s transformations and evolutions through time. This
amazing culture makes a fantastic addition to student life, and creates a great balance to the
rigor of academics.
The History…
Ukraine has had brushes with many states and regimes over the centuries. You can still find
remnants of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Cossack
Hetmanate, Russian Empire, and Soviet Union throughout the country. Visit one of the many
museums, or the site of a famous political protest to get a taste of the country’s long history.
The Soviet Architecture…
For the history buffs, many remnants of soviet Brutalist Architecture remain, such as the Kiev
Crematorium, and many soviet style city buildings. You can also find numerous Golden domed
churches, such as St Volodymyr’s Cathedral, the Pechersk Lavra, the Saint Sophia Cathedral,
and St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery. Their magnificent beauty is sure to take your
breath away. Even wondering through the streets, or visiting a park, you are sure to come across
many gothic and aristocratic buildings that you are unlikely to see anywhere else.
The Food and Cafes…
Charming and warm, Ukrainian food is the ultimate comfort food. You can live on the numerous
kinds of vareniki, sirinki, soups, and Pierogi for years and never get bored. The multitude of
delicious chocolates with fillings will also sweep you off your feet, especially when paired with a
cup of tea or coffee. Ukrainians love cafes and cute little restaurants, so eating out is easy, and
often very affordable. If you wander into the capital (Kiev), you can also encounter foreign
cuisines such as Georgian, Italian, or middle eastern.

The Capital of Ukraine: Kiev

If you’re thinking of choosing Ukraine as your next study destination, don’t forget to take a look
at it’s magnificent capital- Kiev. Our company offers students the opportunity to study in this
great city while pursuing their higher education.
Aside from the architecture and food that we’ve already mentioned, Kiev is also home to street
art, huge markets, and old soviet monuments, making it particularly friendly to student life, and
young adults looking to do some exploring.
The Besarabsky Market and Zhitniy Market in Kiev are fantastic for doing a little shopping, or
simply exploring the numerous vendors’ goods.

Our Company’s Role…
Our company is partnered with a number of universities from various parts of this country, and
we offer our assistance to any students interested in studying abroad in Ukraine. We are on-call
24/7 should any of our students need assistance, including but not limited to general help, as
well as academic issues. A full list of our services can be found on our “About Us” page.
Here is a link to a list of Universities in Ukraine that we have compiled, as well as their
tuition fees and other miscellaneous information:

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